| April 18, 2011 |
Belting It Out!
It's pretty amazing what a fabulous belt can do for your spring wardrobe! Simply adding a belt can dramatically change the look of an outfit. Take for example this black & white tatoo print Giselle dress... on its own it is a very pretty style, but WOW, adding our Jennifer Reale Design signature wrap belt in magenta silk dupioni really turns this dress into a statement piece!

Our signature wrap belts come in a variety of colors and can be worn over dresses, jackets, even plain white t-shirts! Take your favorite little black dress... this fantastic belt would give that tired old number quite a facelift! The belts come in small and medium and fit sizes 0-14... making this a terrific gift for your most treasured girlfriend.

So cinch in that waist and belt out your style!


| March 8, 2011 |
Trends of the season...

Trend 1: Vintage Femininity

Designers are constantly turning to collections of
years past for new inspiration. From the A-line full
skirts of the 1950s to the classic tailored silhouettes
of the 1960s, the vintage trend is easily adaptable
to every personality and body type. Think lady-like
glamour. And let’s not forget about the 70s! This
decade also makes a comeback with flouncy
shapes and groovy prints.

Trend 2: Prints & Textures

Designers are playing with bold fabrics this season
with prints that are just as bright and fun as last
year. Be sure to utilize your pieces from last season
and re-style your wardrobe to work with the new.
The key is to mix and match. Don’t be afraid to
layer different prints and textures. The more
unexpected the combination, the more
interesting the look. So pile on the patterns!
Trend 3: Bold Color

From jewel tones to varying shades of neon, the
rule this season is the more colorful the better. Wear
a great dress in a single, shocking color or pair
contrasting shades to make more of a statement.
For those a little less daring, combining bold color
with black makes for an interesting yet more
understated look. Think bold blocks of color this
spring and turn up the volume!
Trend 4: Made in the USA

Producing garments in the USA is becoming more
and more important to both designers and consumers.
• Manufacturing fashions domestically gives designers
more control over quality. They have an opportunity to
oversee the intricate details of the production process.
• Manufacturing domestically cuts down on the time
between design and production, thereby playing
into the trend for constant newness in fashion.
• Domestic production cuts down on both the cost and
environmental damages associated with importation.
• Producing domestically helps the American economy.


| February 15, 2011 |
"I Do"...Bridal!

I absolutely LOVE dresses...therefore, I design a lot of them for our stores each season. Coming from a background in dress design, it's always been a passion and pleasure of mine to create fun, stylish, flirty, girly silhouettes. Over the years, I've been asked many times to turn our most popular styles into dresses that can be worn by bridal parties. So without further ado...I am happy to introduce to you the Jennifer Reale Design Bridal Collection.

Click here to find our selection of bridesmaid dresses that your wedding party will adore...each can be specially produced for you in the color of your choice. You may order in-store or on-line...should you have questions, email sales@jenniferreale.com for assistance.

If you've recently said the words "Yes I Will" (or know of someone who has)...then "we will do" everything we can to make your special day spectacular!

Congratulations and Best Wishes...from everyone at Jennifer Reale Design.


| February 11, 2011|
Pretty In Pink
Valentine’s Day…it isn’t just a holiday for or about couples…it’s about L.O.V.E. So let your love shine through from the inside out…for your friends, your family, your kids, your dogs, your cats…you get the point! Have fun with this crazy holiday…if nothing else, it sure does break up the cold, snowy month of February! Wear something fun, funky, red, or pink…here are a few ideas for Monday February 14th…

Our Pink Lulu Dress is a must have for that special Valentine’s Dinner with your boyfriend, husband or girls night out! No need to accessorize this show-stopper…the dramatic ruffle neckline will frame any picture-perfect face!

More of a jeans and t-shirt type gal? Throw one of our Miss Ruby Sue necklaces on to jazz up any outfit…whether it be casual or dressy. Who needs a dozen long stem roses that will surely wilt away in a week…when you can have one of these bouquets around your neck for a lifetime!

Carry the love with you into spring! These great pink bags from Anabelle are a must-have, not only for Valentine’s Day…but for the up-coming Spring Season! A percentage of all proceeds from the sales of these bags will go to the “Portraits of Hope” Foundation in support of breast cancer.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We would LOVE to see you at the Jennifer Reale Boutique this weekend…


| February 2, 2011 |
“FALL IN LOVE…with our signature scent”...

…if you know me, you also know how much I LOVE wonderful smelling candles, lotions, perfumes and soaps. Last year I was so intrigued by the soap making process that I took a class to see what making soaps entailed. We made lavender and lemongrass soap…
yummy! I have them proudly displayed in my bathroom and they still smell delicious to this day. Not to mention how terrific they are at cleaning my skin… especially in the winter… non-drying and super fragrant.

Based on this obsession with scents… Maja Brewer, a friend of the boutique and owner of WORLDBYMAJA, helped me to come up with my very own signature scent. We are so excited to introduce the following products at a very reasonable designer price point: body lotion ($22), roll-on scent ($11.50), bath salts ($14.50), cold pressed soaps ($16)
and candles ($18). All perfectly packaged and labeled with the Jennifer Reale Design logo ...just in time for Valentine’s Day!

The scent is cool and refreshing to invigorate and bolster confidence... a blend of peppermint essential oil, plums, peaches and aquatics, balanced with powdery florals.


| January 29, 2011 |
What to Wear Now is What’s on Sale Now...

It’s the end of January. Spring designs are starting to sprout in the shops…but who can really wear any of this stuff in zero degree temperatures? A pretty sundress looks silly paired back to snow boots and a down coat. Yet, we’re sort of sick of our fall/winter wardrobe. The good news is this… there are plenty of things in-store that are totally “wear now" and can even be carried over into early springtime weather. The great news is… those items are ALL ON SALE!

Take for example our 100% Silk Knit Printed Melba Dress. Today you can wear this with leggings and boots, maybe a colorful pashmina around your neck… and you can continue to wear this look into the spring back to ballet flats or sandals. Same can be said for all of the knit dress bodies we currently are offering at 40% off in the store.

So shovel yourself out… and shuffle yourself into Jennifer Reale Boutique today. See you soon!